24-7 Hospitalisation Care

Should your pet need to stay in overnight or for a longer period rest assured we offer 24-7 hospitalisation care by both a vet and a nurse from our Staines premises. This is GOLD STANDARD veterinary care and a rarity in general veterinary practice today – many practices require you to move your pet back and forth to an emergency clinic each morning and evening. At Willett House if your pet is hospitalised they stay with us day and night minimising stress for both you and your pet. This around-the-clock care we consider as an obligation due to the advanced medical and surgical procedures we perform. We hope this gives you piece of mind if your pet needs to stay with us that we can offer the very best care, love and attention to your pet whatever time of day.

We achieve this gold standard through our collaboration with Vets Now Ltd. Our own Staff care and monitor your pet from 8am-9.30pm Monday to Friday and during the day on Saturday, while Vets Now LTD offer us an in-house wrap around service outside of these hours using their own dedicated team of emergency and critical care vets and nurses.

For more detail on our Inpatient Care arrangements or if your pet is currently an inpatient please download our Inpatient Care Information Sheet