Laboratory Services

We have a well-equipped laboratory sited at our Staines site which means we can analyse the majority of samples we take on the same day independent of the branch you use. This equipment is of the latest technology and allows us to accurately analyse in-house a variety of different samples. Our laboratory consists of:

Blood Biochemistry & Haematology Machine

These machines analyse over 30 different blood parameters related to your pet’s organ function and wellbeing. The comprehensiveness of this machine allows us to confidently diagnosis (or rule out) a variety of different conditions in your pet including:

  • Liver Disease
  • Renal (kidney) Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Anaemia
  • Infectious or Inflammatory Process
  • Electrolyte Abnormalities

In addition, we can also use these machines to ensure your pet is healthy prior to an anaesthetic or for preventative health screening when they reach certain milestones in their life.

Urine Analyser

Recently we have purchased a new piece of equipment to analyse our patient’s urine samples. This gives us more accurate analysis then conventional techniques as it uses facial recognition technology to identify cells, crystals and other structures within your pet’s urine that maybe characteristic of certain disease processes.

Blood Gas Analyser

Our collaboration with Vets Now LTD has enabled us to offer blood gas analysis for your pet 24-7. This is extremely important when performing long or high-risk anaesthesia or caring for patients with respiratory or renal disease.

Coagulation Analyser

Our coagulation machine was an important investment as it allows us to check immediately if you pet has any clotting issues with its blood prior to undergoing a surgery or certain biopsy procedures. This has made carrying out these procedures, especially in an emergency, both quicker and, of course, safer. We no longer have to wait for the results from an external laboratory, often delaying the procedure, or refer you pet when they are critical for these tests to be carried out.

We also use our coagulation machine for diagnosing and monitoring certain types of poisoning such as rat bait toxicity.