Nursing Team

Nursing Team

Our nursing team are a valuable asset to both us and you and your pet. When your pet is hospitalised or being treated as a day case they provide a vital role in providing exceptional hospitalisation care to your pet. They also offer a range of advice on all aspects of pet healthcare and run our puppy parties, kitten talks, client evenings and nurse clinics; and they are responsible for maintaining our extensive list of surgical, anaesthetic and diagnostic imaging equipment. Our nursing team consists of:

Registered Veterinary Nurses

Registered Veterinary Nurses have completed a diploma or degree in veterinary nursing and are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). Unfortunately, the title veterinary nurse is not recognised by law but only Registered Veterinary Nurses can use the letters RVN after their name.  At Willett House we only use the title veterinary nurse for those nurses that are registered with the RCVS as we respect the dedication and hard work that our nurses have endured to achieve their qualification.

All our RVNs complete at least 15 hours of continued professional development per a year and many decide to complete further qualifications in specific areas that are of interest to them and of benefit to your pet. As well as performing a vital role in monitoring your pet’s anaesthesia they can also perform non-invasive surgical techniques (as covered by Schedule 3 in the Veterinary Surgeons Act), dental scale and polishes, blood pressure monitoring, electrocardiography, x-rays and much more.

Gemma Harrison

RVN Head Nurse

Emma Bishop

RVN Deputy Head Nurse

Louise Jackson

RVN Sunbury Nurse

Georgina Lewis

RVN Feltham Nurse

Jennifer Mark

RVN Hampton Nurse

Gemma Allen

RVN Vet Nurse

Petra Meredith-Smythe

RVN Vet Nurse

Jenna Wilson

RVN Addlestone Nurse

Student Veterinary Nurses (SVNs)

Student Veterinary Nurses are enrolled on a recognised nurse training programme either working towards a Diploma or Degree in Veterinary Nursing. We pride ourselves on the level of training we offer and have been training nurses for over 50 years. SVNs can carry out many of the tasks of an RVN with the exception of surgical nursing.

Simon McAfee

Student Veterinary Nurse

Tom Palmer

Student Veterinary Nurse

Kayleigh Hazell

Student Veterinary Nurse

Isabella Ambrosino

Student Veterinary Nurse

Hannah Storey

Student Veterinary Nurse 

Carys Williamson

Student Veterinary Nurse

Animal Nursing Assistants (ANAs)

Animal Nursing Assistants have a dual role as they both support the nursing and client care teams. There training is formalised by them obtaining an NVQ in Animal Care and covers all aspects of animal and client care.

Rhiannon Griffiths

Animal Nursing Assistant

Katie Seedwell

Animal Nursing Assistant

Emily Smith

Animal Nursing Assistant

Hannah Blythe

Animal Nursing Assistant

Amy Smith

Animal Nursing Assistant