Pet Travel Advice

We are always here to help and give advice regarding travelling with you pet, whether this be a short trip to the continent or permanent relocation further afield e.g. Australia or the United States.

The first step, wherever you may be travelling with your pet, is to speak to us as early as possible and prior to making any fixed travel plans: While travelling to Europe with your pet is currently a relatively simple process, many countries have extensive import/export requirements and treatment regimens which can take a couple of months or longer to complete.

Once we know where you are going and when you wish to travel our team of trained Official Veterinarians can help you in the following way:

  • Advise and assist you in obtaining the correct paperwork so you can take your pet abroad
  • Provide any necessary health checks, vaccinations, microchipping or treatments required for you to travel to your chosen destination
  • Issue your pet a passport if they will be travelling under the Pet Travel Scheme
  • Complete any sections of your pet’s export certificate required to be filled in by an Official Veterinarian
  • Advise you on the requirements for returning to the UK with your pet after travelling abroad

Beware of Exotic Diseases

Many countries, including those popular holiday destinations in Southern Europe, are endemic with diseases that we do not have in the UK, such as, Heart Worm, Leishmaniasis, Babesia and Ehrlicia. These diseases almost certainly will not be covered by your pet’s normal vaccination or parasite control programme. All our vets, therefore, are happy to advise you on what diseases may be present in or around your chosen destination and develop a preventative care programme for your pet whilst travelling to these areas.

If you are thinking of travelling with your pet, please call your nearest Willett House branch and we will be happy to assign you a vet to discuss your requirements.