Although radiography (taking x-rays) is an older technology the usefulness of this modality is invaluable to us still today, especially due to our high case-load of orthopaedic cases.

Radiography is useful for looking inside the chest and abdomen, as well as in our investigation of lameness and neurological disorders affecting the limbs and spine. Radiography, therefore, can be used to diagnose a wealth of conditions including:

  • Bone issues e.g. deformities, growth issues, infection, fractures, tumours
  • Joint problems e.g. damage, inflammation or arthritic changes
  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease e.g. infections, inflammation and tumours
  • Bladder obstructions
  • Organ enlargements e.g. liver or kidney
  • Free fluid in the chest or abdomen

In addition to the above, we use radiography in fracture repair planning and assessing the outcome of our fracture repairs post-operatively.