Referrals & Second Opinions

Our investment in excellent facilities and staff training means we very rarely need to refer your pet to another vet practice for treatment, saving you both time and money.

Although all our vets are very proficient individuals, we all work as a team to ensure we pool our knowledge and share new advances and treatments together. This collective approach ensures your pet benefits from the range of training and additional qualifications our vets undertake.  In addition, we commonly refer internally to another member of team whose expertise may better fit your pet’s clinical presentation.

Internal Second Opinions

We strive to offer your pet the very best clinical care in a truly open and collaborative environment. Therefore, we are always happy for you to request a second opinion with another member of the team if you are unhappy or unsure about a course of treatment we have taken with your pet. Rest assured we wish to provide an unparalleled service of client care and this is based on your being confident with the care we provide to your pet.


Although we offer an exceptional range of services and facilities, we know our limits, and, on those rare instances, where your pet requires care beyond the facilities of Willett House, we endeavour to promptly arrange, on your behalf, a referral to a veterinary centre offering the additional expertise your pet requires

External Second Opinions

If you registered with another veterinary practice we are also very happy to offer a second opinion on your pet’s current clinical condition. In these instances, we can request on your behalf, (although you will need to give consent to your practice to release such information), you pet’s clinical history. Once this has been reviewed by a member of team we will be able to book a mutually convenient appointment time for you and your pet to discuss their condition.

Once we have completed the second opinion and discussed any associated treatment options you are more than welcome to return to you vet to discuss our recommendations. In this instance, we would be happy to discuss with your vet our advice and, of course, will forward any clinical history associated with the consult to them. Alternatively, you may wish to register with us, as a permanent client, for us to carry out any procedure or supply any medications advised.