Routine & Advanced Soft Tissue Surgical Techniques

Routine and Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques

At Willett House we have the skill and experience within our Vet team to be able to offer both routine and advanced soft tissue surgical procedures. Our vets, led by Dr Gerard Clarke, Dr Aaron Hunt and Dr Alice Webb-Wilson who have 60 years (!) combined experience and hold further qualifications in surgery; we are able to provide a comprehensive service for your pet, supported by our nursing team.  

We perform soft tissue surgery for a number of medical reasons, and soft tissue is considered for any procedure that is not bone or joint related – for that see our Orthopaedics and Spinal Surgery page.  

Soft tissue surgery has a vast range from: ear, nose and throat, cardio-thoracic, hepatic, gastrointestinal, urogenital, skin reconstructive to oncological (tumour) surgeries.  

The most common soft tissue surgeries for animals are spay procedures, neuter (castration) procedures, hernia repairs, wound stitch-ups and mass removals. More advanced soft tissue surgeries include abdominal explorations, foreign body removals, bladder stone removals, splenectomy, BOAS  and more. We are fortunate at Willett House to be able to have the expertise and equipment to perform these advanced procedures in house.  

Our range of procedures includes: 

Ear nose and throat: 

Total ear canal ablation, vertical ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy, aspergillosis (fungal infection), brachycephalic airway syndrome, laryngeal paralysis and tracheal collapse. 


Congenital & acquired urinary incontinence and prostatic disease, bladder stone removal 


Both bone and soft tissue tumours (cancers). 


Biopsies/investigations, foreign body removal, intestinal resection, cholecystecyomy (gallbladder resection), neoplasia. 

Wound management and reconstruction: 

Local/distant skin flaps and free skin grafting, this can be particularly useful when removing large tumours. 

Endocrine surgery: 

Thyroidectomy and adrenalectomy. 

Hernia/rupture surgery: 

Perineal ruptures, diaphragmatic ruptures and pericardioperitoneal diaphragmatic herniation. 


Thorascopic pericardectomy, lung lobe resection 

If you have any questions regarding routine or advanced soft tissue surgery then please contact the practice and the client care team can get you booked in with one of our veterinary surgeons to discuss the procedures in more detail.