Sustainability Commitment

Willett House Vets supports the principle of sustainability to reduce our impact on the environment. We aim to minimise our environmental footprint and ensure that our operational processes align with sustainable principles. This policy articulates our commitment to responsible resource stewardship.

Our Commitment:

We pledge to collaborate with our staff, members, suppliers, contractors, colleagues, and local communities to achieve the following objectives:

  • Encourage sustainability suggestions from our entire practice team through an online questionnaire.
  • Enhance waste management by minimising overall waste generation and promoting recycling efforts.
  • Prevent unnecessary waste or misuse of stock, medicines, chemicals, and cleaning products.
  • Ensure proper disposal of hazardous wastes.
  • Reduce client mileage and travel whenever possible.
  • Establish a dedicated Sustainability Team.
  • Implement water and energy conservation measures.
  • Install sustainable upgrades to improve energy efficiency in our facilities.


In line with our commitment, we have already implemented the following measures:

  • Transitioned to online forms, Welcome Packs, Terms and Conditions, and internal documents to reduce paper and ink usage.
  • Encouraged clients to avoid printing our emails with a note in our email footer.
  • Prioritised equipment repair over replacement to minimise wastage.
  • Upgraded consumable equipment to reusable alternatives, adhering to biosecurity guidelines.
  • Implemented battery recycling initiatives across all eight surgeries.
  • Optimised low-flow systems for anaesthetic gases to minimise anaesthetic pollutants.
  • Maintained proper stock control and medication rotation to minimise wastage.
  • Ensured proper storage, use, and disposal of medicines, chemicals and cleaning products.
  • Adhered to the comprehensive risk assessments and COSHH datasheets for all activities and substances used at the practice.
  • Encouraged clients to return unused medications for proper disposal.
  • Offered home delivery of quarterly flea, worm, and tick treatments for our Pet Club members.
  • Utilised email and messaging services to reduce client visits to the practice.
  • Provided local appointments whenever feasible to reduce unnecessary travel.
  • Increased the number of open surgeries and appointment slots across all eight sites.
  • Upgraded facilities such as motion sensor light switches, thermostats, insulation, double-glazing, and boilers.

Sustainability Team:

Our Sustainability Team comprises the Practice Manager, Business Manager, Head Veterinary Surgeon, Client Care Manager, Nursing Manager, Lead Inpatient Vet, Addlestone Nurse, Deputy Nursing Manager, and our designated Sustainability Champion. Each member has completed an Environmental Awareness e-learning module. The wider team are encouraged to participate with suggestions via our internal online form.

Long Term Goals:

Looking ahead, we are committed to further enhancing sustainability within our practice by:

  • Installing electric car charging points and transitioning our vehicle fleet to electric vehicles.
  • Continuing sustainable upgrades to improve energy efficiency in our facilities.
  • Installing oxygen concentrators at the surgeries, instead of pipe gas, to reduce deliveries.
  • Exploring sustainable alternatives for consumable stock.
  • Endeavouring to source 100% renewable energy from our utility providers.